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    Diari de Balears

    Digital edition of the first news paper in catalan of the Balearic Islands (Serra Group).

    Communication >> Daily Press

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    Diario de Mallorca

    Digital edition of the Mallorcan newspaper Diario de Mallorca, from the press group "Editorial Prensa Ibérica".

    Communication >> Daily Press

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    Diario Menorca

    Digital edition of the the daily Menorca, edited by Editorial Menorca, SA.

    Communication >> Daily Press

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    El Mundo / El Día de Baleares

    Digital edition of the newspaper "El Mundo / El Dia de Baleares", from the "Rey Sol, S.A."

    Communication >> Daily Press

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    Grupo Serra

    The Serra Group is the leading multimedia firm in Balearic Communications. It was presented in 1987 and groups different mass media, including press, radio and TV. It is comprised of the companies Hora Nova, Majorca Daily Bulletin, Ultima Hora Radio and Telenova Television.

    Communication >> Daily Press


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