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  1. Choose the best category for your website

    Use this form to add your website to the category Travel > Car rentals. If this category is not appropriate for your website, return to the Directory and follow the button "Add page" from the category that best fits your website. BalearWeb reserves the right to change your choice if it is not correct.

  2. Complete the form with your website information

    The only required information is your email address and your website address. If your site has a postal address, enter the street number, zip code and town. Finally enter the title and description in any language. BalearWeb will complement the other languages. BalearWeb also reserves the right to change the texts if they do not conform to reality, if they are too long or not descriptive. Do not abuse of capitalization, slogans or propaganda messages.

  3. Make the online payment easily and securely

    The service costs 87 € (including VAT). This is a single payment, with no annual renewal fee. Payment is made online by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

  4. Why use this service?

    The directory of MenorcaWeb is visited regularly by thousands of people seeking sorted and classified information about Menorca. The criterion by which the web lists are sorted is the date of registration, the most recent are listed first. Your website will show up at the top of the list until someone else registers a website in the same category. Your website will get great visibility and many visitors. Your website will also be prominently displayed in the list of New websites.

  5. More

    If you have questions about the registration process, check the help page and if you do not find the answer contact us.

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