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The GOB against an extension to the airport

The Ministerio de Fomento has projected an extension to the airport to permit the transit of 5 million passengers in 2015, a figure which will mean the duplication of present movement. According to the GOB, this extension will represent a greater pressure from tourism, building and on the natural resources. The ecologists believe that the project to extend the airport terminal will make it impossible to carry out the territorial model adopted by the island of Menorca with the Pla Territorial Insular. In view of these facts, the GOB has announced that it will appeal to the European Commission and to the administrative or judicial entities that may be necessary, to stop Menorca from being condemned to follow in the steps of other destinations of tourist massification.

UPDATE (18/12/2003): the GOB has organised a demonstration that will be held on Saturday, December 20, at 5 p.m., in the Esplanada square in Maó, to protest against the enlargement of the Airport and request reduced fares for residents.
Date of publication: 03/12/2003

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