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Talayot village of Trepucó

Talayot village of Trepucó: Foto 1
Talayot village of Trepucó

Some two kilometres away from Maó towards Sant Lluís is the talayot village of Trepucó. The village, that was excavated by the English archaeologist, Margaret Murray, in 1931, preserves an enormous central talayot and another smaller one joined to the wall, stone buildings that were to control and defence towers of the are. The religious centre, called 'taula', presided by the largest taula on Menorca, and several houses are also well preserved.

The enormous taula de Trepucó was reconstructed at the beginning of the 70s of the XX century, adding a controversial reinforcement at the rear to avoid any fall.

The visit to the talayot village of Trepucó is free.

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