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    Casa Museo Torrent

    Web of the House Museum of the artist Torrent in Ciutadella.

    Kunst und Kultur >> Museen

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    Ecomuseum de Cap de Cavalleria

    Museum of the area of Cavalleria, the harbour of Sanitja and the Roman city of Sanisera.

    Kunst und Kultur >> Museen

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    Museu Diocesà de Menorca

    Museum situated in the old convent of Sant Agustí in Ciutadella dedicated to the archaeology, ornaments and liturgic art.

    Kunst und Kultur >> Museen

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    Museu de Menorca

    Web dedicated to the Museum of Menorca in Maó, by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Balearic Government.

    Kunst und Kultur >> Museen

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    Consorcio del Museo Militar de Maó

    Web by the consortium that administrates the heritage that the Ministry of Defence has in the Port of Maó. Information and photographs about la Mola, Sant Felip Castle, Sant Felipet, la Torre d'en Penjat and the Military Museum.

    Kunst und Kultur >> Museen


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